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nd laughed. "Don't worry, Dude. I drive, I just never got a license." He glanced at the road and back to Eddie. "You know Daniel and JD?" "Not well. They were Dane's best friends in high school. They went everywhere together. Them and Stacey and Micah." His eyes went far away for a moment. "Where'd you go?" Tyler asked, noticing the distant expression. "I was thinking about the parties they used to have at xxx our place. JD gave me the nickname must people use. He called me Frisco." Eddie put his glasses back on and seemed lost in thought. "Why Frisco?" Tyler asked, pulling the car into the driveway. Eddie got out and followed him up to the porch, deciding that xnxxcom if Tyler knew them, he knew about them, and decided to let him in on a secret. "Because I was gay and xnxx korea wouldn't admit it because of how my parents felt about Dane. JD always said he was going to drag me to San Francisco so I could come out." Tyler stopped and looked xnxx com/ hard, feeling his pulse quicken. Eddie, or rather xnxx tv Frisco, which seemed to fir the handsome guy he had with him, was gay, and it was very exciting. "Did he?" "What?" "Did he take you to San Francisco?" Tyler keyed xxxx the door xnxx 2019 open and led the way in. site xnxx "No. Dane killed himself, and the parties stopped." "Oh, shit, Frisco, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be a jerk." Tyler closed the door, feeling his cheeks go red. He had never heard of Dane, and didn't mean to hurt Eddie. "It's okay, man. It happened a long time ago, and you didn't know." He followed Tyler up the stairs, not minding if his new friend used his old nick name. Some how, it sounded good coming from him. They went into an enormous bathroom, and Tyler xnxx desi pulled out a washcloth and bandages. He found a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in the cabinet and set it on the counter. "Your xnxx selingkuh shorts are hashed, Frisco." Tyler wet the wash cloth and wrung it out. "I'll help if you want me to, or I'll go down and get some drinks." "I think I have some little xnxx hd rocks in my ass." Eddie kicked off his shoes and sunny leone xnxx pulled down the shorts, revealing an all over tan. "Let me see that wash cloth." He carefully dabbed at the sex videos blood on his hip, deliberately not noticing Tyler's eyes on xnxx arab his body. "Here, let me see it." Tyler took the cloth and knelt behind Eddie, carefully wiping the road grime away. xnxx telugu Eddie hissed, and Tyler stopped, moving away. "Sorry. There are xnxx video a lot xnxx korea of little rocks." "It's okay. It just burns like a bitch." Tyler went back to porn xnxx work, resting indian xnxx his free hand indo xnxx on Eddie's xnnx other cheek without realizing it. He managed to remove the rocks and doused the area with the peroxide, getting another hiss and a groan for his efforts. The bleeding had started again, and he held the wash cloth over it, applying pressure. Absentmindedly, he wished he was in front of Eddie instead of in back, not that the scenery wasn't nice. "You ought to be a doctor." Eddie quipped, glancing back. "Your treatment sucks, but your bedside manner is pretty decent." xnxx movies Tyler chuckled. The bleeding had mostly stopped, and he took some gauze and put I over the wound on Eddie's hip. "Hold that there a second," He instructed, grabbing some tape. "This is gonna hurt to take off, Frisco. You video porno don't have a xnxx telugu lot of hair, but there's enough." xnxx mom He moved to Eddie's side, catching a full view of Eddie's package, and had to really concentrate to get the job done. "There," He stood up, admiring more than just his handy work. "Good job, man. I think I'll live." Eddie smiled at Tyler and was rewarded with a radiant grin. "This is gonna sound dumb, but are you, you know...?" "Gay?" Tyler turned red again. "I'm xnx not sure, but I think so. Why?" "Are you busy tonight?" xnxx tamil Eddie www xnxx asked, suddenly feeling a little shy and remembering that he xxnn was naked. Tyler nodded. "Yeah, I have plans. He laughed when Eddie's face fell, and reached out to cup his face, totally surprising them both. "I'm seeing this guy that I saw get xnxxx hit by a truck. I'm not sure, but I think he's gorgeous, and rumor has xnxx japan it he's hung, you know, like a bear." They laughed out loud, and before he could stop, Eddie stole a kiss. They stood there feeling ackward for a minute before Tyler headed out of the xxx video room. "I'll get your free porn backpack so you can change." He left Eddie standing there, backlit by japan xnxx the sun, and pounded down the stairs to the car. He raced back up the stairs and shyly handed it to Eddie, still blushing from the peck on the mouth. "I'll be upstairs in my room. Take the stairs all the way up, `kay?" JD and Stacey arrived and set to work on the still empty living room. Tyler and Eddie xnxx stories helped with measurements and samples, entertaining xxnx the other two with giggling and horseplay. Stacey gave JD a glance xnxn and huffed xnxx asia a laugh, realizing what was going on. JD said nothing, shaking his head and smiling. At one o'clock, JD and Daniel met with their xnxx hd xnxn dads and left bokep xnxx the boys to xnxx app help Stacey. They sunny leone xnxx set up new accounts with their fathers and decided how to invest the money they had xnxx mom accumulated, mostly in real estate. At xnnn two, they xnxx tv picked up Tyler's bonus for helping out and catching on as fast as he had, and for becoming one of the family. Tyler and Eddie sat on the porch sipping cokes, having spent the day moving furniture, then moving it again as Stacey arranged it. The last truck had just left when Tyler noticed an electric blue and silver sportscar coming up the lane. He wondered who it was since they were the last house out this way. The blue Trans-Am pulled into the driveway, and Daniel waved from the open t-tops, grinning like a little kid. xxxx The boys got up and went to the car, impressed with the sleek Pontiac. It had a gray leather interior, a six-speed auto, and a CD player. Very cool. "Nice porno car, Daniel. Did you get tired of the Explorer?" Tyler asked, running his hand along the hood. "No, it's getting serviced." He walked along xnxx hd the car, inspecting the tires and the paint. "This is for a friend." He watched Tyler and his friend, who looked very familiar, drool free porn over the car and could barely contain himself. "Lucky friend." Tyler said, leaning into the interior. Do I need to call the insurance people, or is the car going to porno xnxx someone that can do that? How do you want it done?" "Get the paperwork out of the center xnxx/ console https // if you xnxx korea would, and go ahead and arrange full coverage." Daniel rested up against the fender, watching Tyler pull out the paperwork and head for the house. "Hey, genius. Did you xxx xnxx even look video xnxx at the registration?" Tyler stopped and looked at the paperwork, then looked again, xnxx stories eyes flying wide open. "Uuh." He mumbled, then looked at xxnxx Daniel. "This is me. I mean this is my shit." Daniel nodded, holding out the keys. Tyler swallowed hard. He started to walk back to Daniel, then broke into a run, tears streaming down his face. Daniel embraced him, choked up xnxx indian xnxx videos himself, and kissed Tyler on xnxx bokep the side of the head. "I guess we wanted to say we love ya, Ty, and we're xnxn glad you're with us." "Me too!" xxn Tyler blubbered, totally overcome. xnxx .com He looked at the car, then tamil xnxx at Daniel, then started crying again. "I can't believe it. I just can't believe it." He moved away from Daniel and swiped at his face with the back of his hand. xnnn "It's xnx so fucking gorgeous." "You better turn off the water, Cub, desi xnxx or you friend there is gonna think you're a sissy." Daniel glanced up to see the other boy standing xnxx teen by Stacey. sex xnxx It connected, and he recognized Dane's little brother. He zoo xnxx waved, then glanced back at Tyler, who had regained some composure. "He knows about xxx video me." xnxx japanese Tyler sniffed, looking up. "And I know about him. We talked a lot today." xnxx 2019 "That's interesting." Daniel held the keys up again. "If you can clear your eyes, why don't you xnxx com take Eddie for a ride? See if you like the car?" Tyler took the keys and roughly hugged Daniel again. "I love you, Daniel. You guys are the best friends I ever had." He waved at Eddie, and they were gone, Daniel hearing the roar of the big engine well into the distance. Stacey came down and he put his arm around her, still looking down the road. "I feel like I just gave Hitler www.xnxx the atom bomb." She snickered and punched him in the side, leading him back to sex videos the house. Five indian xnxx days later, xnxx vina garut Daniel and JD stood with xnxx movies their parents in the Delta concourse, waiting for the flight to be called. JD wouldn't admit it, xnxx .com but he was glad to be getting away from Tyler porno and Eddie for a few xnxx india days. They drove everyone crazy with grabbing asses and stealing quick pecks on the cheek, and he was almost ready to kill them. Daniel had sat them down the night before and read them xnxx indo the riot act about public decorum, www xnxx com much like Art had done to them years ago. They stood now vidio xnxx and waited xnxx porn for the flight, on best xnxx movies behavior, trying not tamil xnxx to touch each other, but wwwxnxx bumping and rubbing hips together, xnxx vina garut faces bathed in innocence. Tyler hugged everyone and waived as they walked down the ramp, bokep xnxx promising to care for all the houses and everything else. He stood silent with Eddie, watching the xnxx. com plane taxi away and move to the runway, then finally loft into the cloudless morning sun. He glanced at Eddie and grinned. Without porn videos a word, they xnxx jav took off for the car, nearly running. They pulled out the t-tops and secured them in the trunk, then threw their shirts in the back seat. The Trans-Am roared down the highway back to Forrest Falls. Tyler pinched the turn at the last moment, sliding the car into the driveway, then chased Eddie up on to the porch and opened the door. The door slammed a little to hard, but went un-noticed as xnxx jepang Eddie took Tyler into his arms with a deep kiss. Their bare chests met and heaved as their breathing took off, and Tyler took Eddie's hand and pulled him up the stairs. They stopped at every landing to kiss and to grope, and had shed their clothes by the time they got to Tyler's room. He pushed Eddie on to the queen bed and jumped on, xnxx hindi straddling him. Their tongues danced, and he felt Eddie's hand on his penis, rubbing it xnxx barat to full hardness. They had agreed that www xnxx they wouldn't do it until they had the house to themselves, but it had been a torturous week. Eddie rolled Tyler over coming up on top. His lips and tongue feverously worked Tyler's neck and chest, lingering on his hairless nipples and the tiny little hairs near his navel. Tyler had to fight the urge to xnxx desi thrash, never having been worked like this before. He felt as though he'd explode at the lightest touch, but was controlled by Eddie into xnxx sex video not xnxx doing so. He saw and opening xnxx hot and dropped to take Eddie in his mouth, thrilled with the other's huge gasp. Eddie fell on his back with his eyes closed, unable to remember xnxx anime the last time he'd felt this turned on. He felt xnnx his stomach tighten, and he tried to warn Tyler that he was cumming. He couldn't speak. Tyler's hand and tamil xnxx mouth moved like fire on him, and he came like an earthquake, surging upward with each contraction. Tyler swallowed as fast as he could, but lost a lot of the warm fluid back onto xxn Eddie. After japan xnxx a moment, Eddie pulled him up and kissed him, sharing his own juices. He lay xnxx com back xnxx porno down and pulled up his knees, making Tyler's next xxx xnxx adventure obvious. Tyler xvideos grabbed a tube of lube out of the bedside table and quickly worked xnxx. it onto himself. Carefully, he xxx videos let Eddie guide him xnxx sex video in, slowly easing his porn xnxx cock all the way https // in. Eddie sighed, a contented expression on his face as Tyler began his rhythm. They went slow, both overjoyed but not wanting to destroy their very first time together. As Tyler worked, Eddie got hard again, so Tyler slipped around without pulling out, coming up against Eddie's broad muscular back. He reached around and grasped Eddie, using xnxx stories the same rhythm he xxnx was using. It didn't take long for them to speed up. Tyler grunted in Eddie's ear, almost desperate to not cum first, so they could do it together. Eddie began to pant and moan, and Tyler felt his stomach xnxx app contract. He sped up his rhythm, feeling his guts turn to fire, and grunted as he passed the threshold, ramming furiously in xnxx video to Eddie's ass, desi xnxx shooting fluids xxx xnxx with almost painful bursts. Eddie arched back and blew again, shooting several xxx shots right off the bed onto the hard wood floor. They lay together breathing heavily, Tyler still inside but going soft. He wrapped his arms around Frisco's chest, sharing the after glow. After several minutes they got up and cleaned themselves, then made their way to the kitchen. Tyler was used to being nude around the house, but Eddie was new to it, and found it very arousing. They wolfed down sandwiches, xnxx hot the dashed up to the small deck that led off of Tyler's room. With xnxx barat the height and the lack of neighbors, it was secluded enough, and Tyler pulled Eddie down on top of him, playing the other's cock back into hardness. This time they took more time, and finally after almost nxxn an hour, Eddie entered Tyler. Tyler hadn't done this before, and winced at the pain. Eddie was very slow and very gentle, taking several minutes to get all the way in. It was the First time Tyler had gotten that xnxx sensation on his prostate, and shuddered as it was repeatedly touched. Eddie moved in changing uneven strokes, playing Tyler like an instrument. The felt themselves xnxx jepang www xnxx begin to verge on orgasms, and Eddie kissed porn videos at Tyler's ear, distracting him from concentrating on his staying power. Oh, shit. OH GOD!" Tyler came, convulsing xnxx sex videos and clamping down. Eddie jerked at the feeling, then fired into Tyler, wave after wave pulsing into the darkness. Tyler pumped porn and pumped, coating their hands and the towel the laid on. He came so hard it was painful, treasuring that pain as the absolute best moment of xvideo his life. Eddie pulled out, dripping juices on the towel, and rolled over on Tyler's heaving chest. He ran xnxx india his finger up the inside of his xnxx selingkuh leg, trailing through the blond patch of hair around his impressively thick shaft, now soft again. They snoozed in the sun for awhile, unable to xnxxcom move, basking in their fresh born love. Date: 16 Aug 99 09:55:10 From: rimshotplanetaccess Subject: Daniel and JD part 9 This will be the last of Daniel and JD for awhile, so that I vina garut xnxx can try out a new story line. I intend to come back to them, but I xnxx porno want some fresh ideas, so that I don't just drag them into the mud. This story is very graphic, and if you don't like violence, it's hard to take. That was the purpose. There is way too much violence, and a lot of people like the Cowboy xnxx porno are out there, and shouldn't be. rimshotplanetaccess Thanks, Dan Daniel and JD part 9/ Love xnxx hindi sucks gay xnxx bad JD sat on his towel scrunching his toes in the sands of Anini Beach, watching the elder Cammus' romp with the elder Broedericks in the surf. Daniel walked up and handed him a coke and a glass of ice, then crossed his legs and sat on his own towel. Both had darkened xnxx cina their tans considerably, preferring to wear only Speedos for most of the day while they'd been in Hawaii. Daniel followed JD's stare to their parents, silently watching as the old farts cavorted in sex the ocean waters. He snorted a laugh and shook his head. "They look like a herd of bald polar bears." JD laughed out xnxx gay loud as the picture formed in his head. "We porn ought xnxx com/ to call the wildlife xnxx sex videos people. xnxx. I bet porno xnxx bald polar bears have never been scene out sex video here before." They watched in silence, occasionally laughing, but sex video enjoying the pleasure they'd given their parents with the trip. The food had been fantastic, and xnxx teen the house that Tyler had rented for them was a small paradise. It sat behind them in site xnxx the palm trees, a long rectangular affair looking like something Frank Lloyd Wright had drawn. The main house consisted of two houses really, separated by a long hall that contained the living room, dining room, and kitchen. The twin master bedrooms at each end had private patios and baths videos xnxx with enormous roman tubs. It was sparsely decorated in what JD called gay xnxx modern Asian nightmare. There were bird pictures and statues everywhere. Daniel and JD had taken the guesthouse. A much smaller and simpler building, it had a bedroom and bath, and a small xnxx barat living area that opened onto the beach. They had watched several spectacular sunsets together from the couch. After www xnxx com five days of volcanoes and beaches, JD found that he was actually getting tired of it. They had golfed, swam, and eaten everything, and it was getting time to go home. The flight back to the real xnxx cina world left in the morning, and they had all elected to spend the last day together on their own little beach. The next morning was a solemn affair as they all packed their luggage mom xnxx into the vina garut xnxx rented minyvan and headed for the airport. No one was really excited about the long flight home, but everyone was pleasantly worn out from the trip. They landed in Portland in the mid-evening. The first thing Daniel noticed was that it xnxx sex was cold and drizzling, big shock, and the second hit JD at the same time. Where was Tyler? Tyler sat at the kitchen table munching a peanut butter sandwich with Dorrito chips on it, creating a racket of noise that put Eddie into fits of laughter. Eddie's xnxx sex videos sandwich, identical sans chips, sat untouched because he couldn't stop laughing. Tyler grinned around mouthfuls, deliberately taking his time and chewing slowly, making every crunch reverberate through the tiled kitchen. He would've entertained Eddie in anyway he could, just to here that laughter, but it seemed xnxx tamil that the simplest way was best, and he took another bite, nxxn sending Eddie off his chair with delight. They had spent the week together at the house, privately playing a sort of house like game, with Tyler working at home www.xnxx and cleaning, and Eddie coming home on his repaired bike at five. They ran through the house naked, making love whereever they stopped, shutting the rest of the world outside. They had figured it out, and between them, mom xnxx they made more than enough to rent an apartment together. They had looked at a few, but decided to wait until JD and Daniel got home before they signed any leases. They cleaned up the table xnxx telugu and washed the dishes before sex videos going out onto the indo xnxx covered patio. With only a candle for light, they had no fear of discovery, and so continued unclad. This was xnxx indonesia their favorite time of day, or night, and they gently took each other. Tomorrow the bosses would be home, and their lives would go back to normal, making tonight something very special. Tyler was unaware that they had dozed off, and xnxx sex video woke up to a cramp in his calf. He carefully disentangled himself from Eddie, his Frisco, and limped into the house to urinate. The clock xnxx tv in the living room chimed eleven, and he made a mental note to drag Eddie up to his room. They needed to go into Portland tomorrow, and it was going to be sex xnxx a xnxx japanese busy day. He scratched his butt as he came out of the bathroom, heading for the japanese xnxx patio. He turned, hearing a thump against the front door. It xnxx download came again, like a piece xnxxx of metal hitting the xvideo door jam. He started for the door to see what it was, not xnxx porn having any reason to be afraid, and reached for xnxx asia the knob. The door burst in, slamming Tyler mom xnxx into the wall and knocking his breath away. He saw stars in his eyes, and tried to take a breath. A huge shadow walked in, totally blocking what little light came from the street lamp near the driveway. Tyler looked up into the darkest eyes he'd ever seen. "What do we have video porno here?" A deep, gravely, japan xnxx almost tortured voice grated. Tyler could smell strong alcohol, and his heart jumped into his throat. The shadow, wearing a very large black cowboy hat and duster coat bent xnnx down, almost at eye level with Tyler. "I guess my favorite faggot got xnxx sex hisself a little faglet." The cowboy took Tyler by the throat and lifted him up, giant corded muscular arms raising him effortlessly to his feet. With his free hand, the cowboy grabbed Tyler's privates nxxn and squeezed hard, causing him to cry out in pain. xnxx arab "Where's my buddies, faglet," he breathed, overwhelming Tyler with the smell of whiskey. "Where's Cammus and Broederick." "Get away from him you piece of shit!" Eddie ran in from the hall and threw a vicious kick, knocking the cowboy against the door. Two more cowboys ran in, sizing up Eddie and launching into the brawl. Tyler was tossed over the couch and landed against xnxx videos a low table, causing white-hot pain to explode through his left side. He had cracked ribs before climbing in New Mexico, and knew with a sickening feeling that he'd broken ribs again. He struggled to lift his head, and saw Eddie fly into the banister, going through the rail sex supports. He got to his knees, cradling his arms around his side, www xnxx com then felt a large hand grab his hair, yanking him up. vidio xnxx He screamed, the ribs grating against each xnxx gay porn other, and passed out, falling into the darkness. He awoke in the bed of a pickup truck. He had tape over his mouth and was bound at the wrists and ankles. Eddie lay unconscious in front of him, also bound and gagged. Blood trickled over his xxn forehead, and there were several bleeding cuts on his chest and stomach. Tyler hoped that he would stay out of it for a while. They turned onto a dirt road, and every little bump caused excruciating pain in his xnxx arab side. xnxx. com The cold night air cause goose bumps on his still naked skin, and he terrified himself with visions in his mind of what might happen next. When they stopped, he heard the three get out xvideos and slam the truck doors, one stopping to relieve himself xnxx com on a nearby tree. There were tall pines all around, and the smell of rain. The three apparently built a fire, because it was easier to see, and the smoke stung Tyler's nose. He carefully worked his way over next to Eddie, hoping to share a little of his body heat, and to see if he was at least breathing. He was. Tyler could hear bottles breaking, and realize with fresh fear that the big cowboy was drinking. He shivered in the cold air, listening intently. Heavy footfalls came towards the truck, and the tailgate groaned as it opened. "Ahw, ain't that sweet." The cowboy's voice boomed. Tyler felt a massive hand on his arm, and he was hauled out of the truck and hit the dirt, nearly knocking him out from the pain. "The two little faglets are snugglin' up to each other. How sweet." Tyler forced his eyes open. He had to stay awake. He had to find a way to help Eddie, who was being carried over to the fire by the other two cowboys. They slapped his face and threw some kind of liquid on his xnxx bokep face, and Eddie stirred. "This one's xnxx indo finally wakin' up!" xnxx japan The shortest xxnn of the three said. "I thought you put him down when he hit the fridge." He lifted Eddie's chin, glaring into his video xnxx eyes. "How's about a kiss, faggy boy. I likes faggots." Eddie blinked, then spit in the cowboy's face, earning him a backhand across the zoo xnxx face. The big cowboy dragged Tyler over and dropped him near Eddie, standing over them both. "You know, he rumbled, "I think that we can teach a whole vidio xnxx lot of faggots a xnxx jepang lesson here tonight." He hauled his boot back and kicked Tyler in the back, causing him to scream through his nose. "I think xnxx hot I'm gonna fuck me a faggot, boys, and I think you should too." He lifted Eddie and threw him on his stomach over a big log, xnxx download then threw Tyler next to him. Tyler tasted blood in his mouth, and was losing the fight xxnxx against unconsciousness. He could xnxx jav make out the terror in Eddie's eyes, but couldn't put together what was happening any more. "Undo his ankles and hold `im, boys." xxx video The big xnxx indian cowboy took off his duster coat and threw it on the truck, them stepped behind Eddie. At the sound of his zipper going down, Eddie began to thrash, and the cowboys laughed and whooped, swinging their hats. "This is xnxx. com for the year in jail. You tell xnx Broederick I want him." The big cowboy grumbled, then jerked Eddie's ass open and thrust forward. Eddie screamed, arching up and being shoved back down. The cowboy was enormous, and flesh parted as he xnxx anime raped japanese xnxx Eddie, causing blood to flow onto the ground. They xnxxx all took turns, repeatedly destroying him. After several hours, well into the next day, Eddie regained consciousness to see the cowboy's eyes staring into him. "I know who you are, Durrant, and I wanted you to know something." xnxx/ He held up a short piece of rope, twisting it around his fingers. "Your brother didn't hang himself, pussy. He had help. xxx videos You can thank Cammus for that." Daniel and JD pulled up in Art's truck, a little pissed because they hadn't been met, and wondering where the hell Tyler was. It was almost five in the evening, and JD noticed as the truck stopped that the door was wide open. He touched Daniel's arm and waved to stop the truck. Quietly, the got out and moved towards the house, JD waving Daniel to the back door. Daniel circled around, and was shocked to find the glass door open as well. He crept in to the family room, stopping to pull a book off the shelf that opened to reveal a colt .45 auto. Armed, he moved slowly videos xnxx into the kitchen. Shattered glass littered the floor, and the door on the fridge was dented in. A cold sweat broke out and rolled video xnxx down Daniel's back. He went into the hall and found the broken pieces of xnxx com/ the stair railing hanging like jagged teeth. JD stood in the middle of the living room holding a note. His face was pale. Faggots If I see one cop I'll kill both. The old abandoned mill. Better move it. "Now what do we do?" JD whispered, gesturing at he mess. Daniel sat on the steps and thought furiously. Only one sex person would do this, and he had thought that one person had learned his xnxx hindi lesson. If they called the police, and the cowboy was good to his word, they died. They got in the truck and headed for the old mill, a popular place for keg parties and making out, buried deep in the foothills. Just before they wwwxnxx got out of range, JD phoned the police, giving them about a xnxx indonesia half an hour lead before the cops showed up. "What is his obsession with us, Danny. bokep xnxx I don't get it?" JD asked, looking out into the passing trees. He was sick to his stomach with worry, and he kept getting chills down his sp